Math is Hell and Hell is math.

I have been terrible at math ever since I was in like 1st grade.

I remember I could barely write numbers in 1st and second grade. I used to get pulled out of class for help and it didn’t help (how ironic)

My brain just never interprets it correctly. I could have a teacher sit down with me for an hour and explain it to me and I won’t remember it by the next day.

Or I do a problem and I’m constantly off by like 1 or two numbers and that is what’s happening right now.

I have spent 5+ hours on this one fraction section and I practiced over and over and over. 

I took the practice test twice and failed. I literally gave up because I watched the tutorials my teacher gave me and I looked up help online and I get it but my answers are always “in the wrong form” or off by one.

It’s aggravating because I can’t fail this class because it’s college. I can’t afford to pay for it again. 

And to make matters worse I have a test today that I have to get atleast an 85 on. 

So far my highest score on the practice test is 66.7%, 

I literally just want to throw my iPad across the room.

Why is math so complicated some people don’t have minds that can think that way. 

If math was a person I would just punch them in the face.

Pray for me y’all. 


What Applying For Jobs feels like in Bitmoji’s 


Applying to jobs is a NIGHTMARE.

Literally I have probably applied to about 50+ jobs. And out of all of those jobs I got one job, that I quit a few months ago for reasons I don’t feel like explaining. If you want to read that click here.

So for all of your entertainment and hopefully you relate to this and I’m not the only one having this issue. 

Here is my struggle with applying to jobs. In bitmoji’s.

1. I apply to 64737749393 jobs and feel so accomplished and content with myself…

2. To find out NONE OF THEM CALLED ME..

3. Or that they straight up tell me they don’t think I’m the right fit for the company.

4. Then there’s the jobs that I apply to and literally the next day they post something online saying that they are looking for people to work for them.

5. Then there’s the occasions I get an interview and I think it goes great, I dress up nice and make sure I am looking acceptable..,

6. But once again.. DONT GET A CALL

7. Then there’s the jobs that expect you to have like 3 years work experience.. 


9. Bro stop yelling.. 

10. Sorry I’m getting annoyed.

11. Then there’s the employers that get mad at you at an interview when you tell them you go to college and that you can’t work two days a week because of it. 


13. Sorry for yelling again.

14. And all of the people around me seem to apply to one place and instantly get the job.

15. LIKE HOW?!?!

16. When you don’t hear back from a company and people tell you “Well maybe it’s not meant to be.”

17. Like am I supposed to be broke forever?!?! Apparently every job in this town is not meant to be?!?!

18. One time I spent almost two hours on an application for a store. It gave me simulations and shit that I had to go through. To not hear back from the job.

19. Moral of the story, finding a job is hard. 

20. The application process can take hours. 

21. And you feel like trash and you blame yourself for not getting these jobs. 

22.You wonder what you did wrong. 

23. Then you realize.

24. “Wow that company is missing out on one hard working bitch willing to bust her ass for any company.”

25. Then you’re okay and the cycle starts over again. 


If you made it this far Shout out to you! I appreciate you. If you have similar problems let me know so I feel less insane xx

Today is my 1 Year on WordPress

Here’s my Bitmoji partying. 

Happy 1 year to Myphotosmydays!

What I’ve learned on this blog.

1. Thinking of what to blog is extremely complicated.

2. Being yourself is important, being like other bloggers was never really something that appealed to me.

3. Some people actually enjoy hearing about my life, which is surprising…but cool.

4. I rant a lot … jk I already knew that.

5. WordPress is a great way to connect with people going through similar problems as you, or have similar interests.

6. Not being a big famous blogger isn’t a big deal to me, having a small following is okay. I’m happy with who reads my blog, I’m glad you enjoy my weirdness and stick with me!

7. Blogging is a great way to get things off of your chest. I can’t tell you how many times my days have been horrible and I have come on here and wrote about it. 

8. Writing has always been a passion of mine, and I have noticed writing on here has improved some of my grammar surprisingly. Even though I swear a lot, but that’s just a part of my personality


I can’t believe I have had this blog for a year!!! Time does fly. I have gone through times where I did not use this app for months and always came back. WordPress will always have a special place in my heart, it’s helped me express myself in so many ways. 

Thank you all for reading my stuff there’s more to come trust me! xx

What I’ve Been Up To

Hey guys it’s been a few days.

So basically I’ve been struggling thinking about my past relationship lately. I keep having dreams about it and it’s just playing through my head. I don’t miss him, I miss what we had. And it’s just been bothering me lately even though I got over it a while ago. 

I’ve also been trying to meet new people, I’ve tried talking to more people in college and online and neither are ending very well. I’m trying really hard to be social and have a social life but at this day and age it’s hard to find people who aren’t hooked on drugs and partying every night. 

I’ve also still been on the job hunt, I spent two hours today applying to jobs. And most job applications have long questionnaires, some with like 60 questions so my brain is hurting.

Also this guy that I haven’t wanted to be friends with for about a year now is moving. We have a lot of the same interests in photography, and we have similar personalities. We have sparked conversations a few times and had some laughs but nothing really happened. I had a dream about dating him actually and it messed with my brain and everything because I don’t necessarily like him. Idk. I’m sad he’s moving before I had the chance to be friends with him. 

So that’s what’s going on sorry for the depressing post, it’s just life I guess x

10 Goals For This Month

Lately my life has been boring as hell so I decided to set some personal goals for myself to complete by the end of this month. 

1. Get an A on something. Gosh. My grades are either an A or an F at this point. I need to atleast meet somewhere in the middle. Maybe a B would be nice. College is hard.

2. Make some new friends. Again College is hard. And making friends is even harder, since I’m not going to a gigantic college there aren’t many events to meet new people. And I don’t stay on campus so I don’t have roommates and stuff. Idk it’s just hard to make friends, and talk to people. Someone told me to make a list of questions to ask so here are some:

• (if we have the same class) Did you do the homework? What do you think of the professor? Do you understand this? Do you enjoy the class?

• (if the conversation progresses) what are your favorite hobbies? What are you going to college for?

• (if I see someone with a camera or a band shirt that I like) tell them I like their shirt, or the band, or ask what type of camera they use.

• (if I see someone upset or sitting alone) ask if they’re ok and start a convo. (I know how it is to be upset and sitting alone TRUST ME)

3. Find an exercise routine that I actually enjoy.

(Ok I mainly chose this picture because LOOK AT THE PUPPY ITS SO CUTE I LITERALLY CAN FEEL MY HEART BURSTING.. ok I need to calm down seriously… I just love animals ok.) 

4. Work on my photography account or my YouTube account and just try and build them up, I know it can be done I just want to try harder. 

(This is a recent photo I have taken, have I posted this before? I don’t know. If I did oh well HERE IT IS AGAIN.) 

5. Hopefully find a job, that would be nice. 

6. Develop some kind of sleep schedule, the struggle of trying to sleep and not be tired during the day is real. And also anxiety does not help. 

7. Clean up my areas of the house a little more, I’m not necessarily a messy person but sometimes where I sit my stuff kid of builds up, if you know what I’m saying. 

8. STOP WORRYING ABOUT POINTLESS SHIT. This is more of an ongoing goal than a monthly goal but I thought I would add it.

9. Go to tutoring in college.

10. Be happy, which once again is another ongoing goal. To have the level of happiness I used to have a few years ago, would be the best thing ever. I won’t stop until I achieve that. 


I will update you guys at the end of the month to see if I completed atleast one of these, if you have some goals as well don’t hesitate to share yours with me in the comments xx

P.S. Can we take a moment and realize how most of these photos started out positive and slowly got more negative as they progressed. It’s sad how I literally cannot get rid of the negativity in me wow. Okay that’s all!! 

Rude Instructor 

“College will be fun” they said.

“It’s the best years of your life.” they said. 

“It will get better.” They said.


So yesterday was my second day of college, and it was also the worst day I’ve experienced in a while.

I walked in to my English class and my teacher had us follow along with her and fill out this thing online. I got left behind and she kept going too fast, so I asked my friend to help catch me up. Afterwards we turned it in and I checked my grade and I got an F.

AN F?!?!

My friend and I compared our answers and they were exactly the same. I raised my hand thinking she hasn’t put my grade in. I said “A grade didn’t come up for the activity we just did” and she was like “The grade is in there.” And I was like ok dude calm down.

Near the end of class I went up to her and she literally screamed at me no lie, in front of the whole class. Saying I didn’t follow her directions and I did it completely wrong when I literally did it just like my friend and she got an A?

 I told her that I did what she said but she accused me of lying and after us arguing for a while I just said “ok.” And walked away. 

I was so frustrated that I immediately went to the bathroom to call my mom. I started bawling my eyes out because this woman just yelled at me like I was 5. And that she was lying and I hadn’t messed up anything. She told me to go to the adviser to see if I could take another English.

They told me to retake the writing part of the placement test so I did. I was so upset that I cried in the testing room while I was taking the test. I ended up getting the same grade as before so I was screwed. I was still frustrated and wanted to be left alone so I sat alone for lunch and someone FaceTimed me. I thought it was my mom checking on me but it was my best guy friend. He cheered me up and I went along with my day.

Then last night I wrote an essay for my dumb ass English class (that rhymed). And it was in MLA format double spaced, times new roman font blah blah blah. And this bitch gives me an F. AGAIN.

I literally went over the essay and it was in MLA format. And she claimed it wasn’t, I even checked online to make sure I did it right and I did. I resent it and said in the comment that there was nothing wrong with it. 

This bitch hates me for no reason she keeps pointing out flaws in my work that aren’t even there?!? What did I even do?

Ugh college.