Even being out of school people seem to never change. All of the “populars” continue to party and think they’re cool by posting pictures of them posing with giant vodka bottles. People still act like they’re 12, and lie and cheat and everything. People really never grow up. I have had to grow up ever since I was a tiny lil’ thing. I was privileged with family that loved me, we weren’t the most privileged financially but it was okay. I learned at a young age how to save money and learned to be happy with what I have. Now people complain that their parents got them the wrong iPhone 7 color, when I had to save up for years to get my little iPhone. People never really understand how to handle life, it’s not all about partying and having fun. You have to grow up to survive in this world, you can have fun but you have to know the right time to.


Life right now is a roller coaster. Between work, social life, plus college coming up, money, liscense. It’s just an absolute catastrophe. I have a job and my managers drive me nuts, they constantly want me to be at work when I have things to do. I have appointments and stuff I have to go to like I can’t be there 24/7! Plus I have to be driven to work because I don’t have a car. I was not one of those kids that had a car HANDED to them when they got their license. I have to buy my own car, which takes forever. Plus on top of that I borrowed my dads car to take the driving test and I FAILED. And my dad doesn’t have the car at the moment so I have to retake my learners test before it expires. *SIGH*  Then college is just a whole different post. 

Moral of the story, life is hard and gets harder I just haven’t learned to cope with it yet. 


(I made this in my photography class on photoshop.)

I’m so happy that I’ve been getting back into photography. I’ve had some hard times with getting in the mood with my pictures. I’ve been criticized a lot lately on my pictures and how they’re not “good enough”. It’s been hard but I’ve got back into the swing of it and that makes me happy. Photography is something I am extremely passionate about and I can’t believe I was going to let it go because some idiot who thinks he knows every little thing about photography tried to put me down. So yes I need to take photos more often because I miss it and it makes me happy.


Will we even get a spring or summer this year…? Who even knows?


Hats are very popular right now but not only that they shield your face from turning into a damn tomato during the summer. I prefer to wear them backwards but if it’s warm enough I’m not burnng my face. Pictured above I have a smiley face hat from American eagle it’s so cute.


They make you look like that Snapchat filter on Snapchat plus a little bit of a hippie. But they’re amazing.


I love bands, need I say more?


I wear a lot of black but colored shorts make your outfit pop a little.


They’re cute and bring a lot of detail to a bathingsuit instead of it being boring. 


They are so cute but give you some weird ass tan lines, so I wouldn’t recommend wearing them on a long day at the beach.. yikes


Oh no I’m showing my shoulders please don’t send me to the principle!! Let’s not even talk about dress code that’s a whole different post. I love the shirt pictured above it’s comfortable and not too showy unless shoulders bother you, and if they do too bad.


I think I spelled that right…??

Braletts are so cute and much more comfortable than wearing a bandeau under tank tops, now you can show off those bra straps while not looking trashy.


I loveeeee dainty necklaces, some are hella expensive which I don’t understand because most are like little circles or triangles but they go with anything and are great for layering with chokers.


Always been one of my favorite prints for spring summer! It brings the summer vibe if you know what I’m sayin’.

Okay that’s all here’s some shit to make you broke. 


Woahhhhh. It’s been a while. I’ve been one busy child the past few months. And I have a lot of rants and stories to tell so stay tuned for that and more of my strange blog posts. Since summer is coming soon I will be posting more (unfortunately for you guys). And hopefully working on some other things I’ve been wanting to do so yeah I’m back.

November is ending..

November is practically over. This month has been some hell, but also I have had a few good times. This year is going by really fast, before we know it it will be summer time like damn. This month has been a huge stepping stone for me I have dealt with a lot with my depression and anxiety and I have learned a bit better how to cope with it. Don’t get me wrong I’m not even close to getting better but I’m learning. I’ve also learned about my friends and who my true friends are. I’ve learned that I don’t need people in my life that don’t care about me and to get rid of them. I’ve also learned people are in your life for a reason and once you figure out their purpose your life can either become easier or harder. I’ve picked up calligraphy as a hobby and I’ve started doing more photography than normal and I’ve started trying to be more of myself and not care what people think. I’ve learned more about myself than ever this month I don’t know why or how but I did. This month has been a real learning experience and tomorrow it’s over. It’s crazy. 

Forget something?

Having people forget about you is an awfulllll feeling. Feeling left out is an awful feeling too. I feel like lately no one reaches out to me personally and are like;

 “How are you?”

 “Are you okay?” 

And if they DO reach out to me it’s:

“Hey I’m having issues please help me with this.”

Like NOOO sorry I’m not your personal assistant I’m not here to help you with everything when you don’t even make an effort to talk to me. And when people ask about me they only seem to ask about drama I’m currently in or like the “juicy stuff”. Not how I’m personally doing. And I’ve tried to make new friends but every time I try and talk to new people they talk to me for a few days or a few hours even and just disappear. Like I know I’m not THAT bad so I don’t understand why this happens. I have maybe 2 friends that check up on me here and there other than that nope I’m the one to talk first or initiate a conversation. 

I’m not doing that anymore.. here’s some advice if people don’t make an effort to talk to you it’s not worth it. If they actually cared they would make an effort to reach out to you when they know you’re going through something or just in general. So that’s my current situation. I’m just not gonna text people or try and hang out with people that don’t reach out to me and if I end up with no friends guess what..

Oh well. 

I’m tired of being the only one trying and it’s bringing me down and I need to do stuff for myself for once. 

So if you’re having issues with friends think of how often they try and reach out to you without you reaching out first..


I used a picture of an airplane to explain my point you’ll get it in a second.

 So happiness.

 If something makes you happy go for it (that’s why I used a picture of a plane because it represents going in the right direction and dreams because of the clouds and yeah idk if that makes much sense but anyways.) Whether that’s a person, a hobby, a job a show whatever. I am sooooo tired of people telling me that something that makes me happy isn’t worth it or it’s stupid. Or that someone close to me isn’t worth my time because they’ve done bad things. Like if someone makes me happy let me be happy and if it’s not worth it let me figure it out on my own when I’m ready. Or people saying a job I want to do doesn’t pay. SOOOO WHATTT?!?!? If a job makes YOU want to go to work every day then hell yes you should do it. 

You don’t want to be like:

 “Ugh I have to go to work today…” 

You want to be like: 

“I am so excited to go to work today.” 

You want to have fun with what you’re doing, and if anyone disagrees well forget them. Your happiness is your happiness and you control it. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

 I have issues with trying to be happy 24/7 (depression sucks ok) but there are some things I have realized that make me happy that everyone judges me on and I have learned to kind of block it out (well I’m getting there…) and I keep up with it because it makes me happy and I don’t really care what anyone else thinks. 

So that’s my rant of the day I hope it was inspirational-ish

October –> December 

It’s about that time again at my school. These are the most popular dating months. It’s cuff season. Whatever you want to call it, but it’s annoying. Its when everyone starts dating eachother. Like everyone in my school just dates eachother and they don’t even try and venture out and date people from other schools. I would much rather do that than date someone everyone knows and someone else probably dated them and it’s just ew. Plus any guys that I thought were cute get taken away and start dating girls during these months. And I’m just like wow okay I’m a loser. I just don’t understand why these months are the most popular dating months? Like is it because it’s cold and people don’t know how to use blankets and need someone to cuddle with? Honestly I don’t know. It’s just aggravating because I have to see 10x more couples making out in the hallways and stuff than normal. Like chill out, there’s many other months you can date but why right now? I just don’t understand. 

High school is weird….