Getting a Job Finally..

So after 600 applications I finally got a job. 

*sigh* I hate to be that person but this is one of the jobs I did not really want.

I am grateful to finally have a way to get money and have a life outside of school and doing nothing.

But it’s just not something I really want to do. 

I have to work in a bakery of a grocery store.

I am terrible at baking, I constantly burn myself and burn any food in sight.

At my last job I still have a scar where I burned myself on a fry basket. 

I don’t like to deal with food because I just know I’m not into it and it’s just not what I wanted to do.

I really wanted the cashier job but everyone told me to do this and at least try it out for a bit. 

They are already putting me on the for 8 hour days and I haven’t even started yet. 

Plus I have college and I can’t work every single day of the week.

I’m honestly not looking forward to it, I’m going to deal with it so I can get some money for things that I need but it’s just ugh.

I hate to sound ungrateful because I have been trying to find a job for months. 

But it’s just I don’t want to be unhappy with something, especially when I deal with being unhappy on a daily basis already.

So yeah sorry about the rant I thought I would update you, I start in a few days so I’ll make sure to update you guys on how it was. 


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