Dream Anxiety?

I think we can agree one of the worse feelings in the world is having your heart physically hurt. 

Whether it’s a breakup or something more serious, that feeling is the worst. 

Or even the feeling of your heart dropping it like it’s hot to your stomach. That feeling is horrible.  

Dealing with anxiety my chest and heart hurt a lot. 

But last night something happened that shaped my day today.

I had a dream about something that I consider one of my worst nightmares. It involves someone close to me and other stuff.  It’s hard to explain but it’s kind of private. 

This dream was EXTREMELY vivid.  

And I mean extremely x100000. 

I remember crying in my dream multiple times, running away from the situation and it all felt so realistic. I woke up today with a complete anxiety attack, my chest felt like it was going to burst. I had this anxiety THE ENTIRE day, and I still do even though it’s almost midnight.

Now if I told you the dream you would think it was stupid as hell to be stressing over. And I kinda agree but my subconscious begs to differ. My subconscious has some major issues that it needs to resolve. 

But the fact that a dream seemed so real that it physically hurt my heart in real life is crazy to me. 

Sometimes I wish I could dive into my subconscious and see all of things that I dwell on that I don’t realize. 

I swear if I wasn’t so into photography I would be a psychology major. I just have so many unanswered questions. 


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