Math is Hell and Hell is math.

I have been terrible at math ever since I was in like 1st grade.

I remember I could barely write numbers in 1st and second grade. I used to get pulled out of class for help and it didn’t help (how ironic)

My brain just never interprets it correctly. I could have a teacher sit down with me for an hour and explain it to me and I won’t remember it by the next day.

Or I do a problem and I’m constantly off by like 1 or two numbers and that is what’s happening right now.

I have spent 5+ hours on this one fraction section and I practiced over and over and over. 

I took the practice test twice and failed. I literally gave up because I watched the tutorials my teacher gave me and I looked up help online and I get it but my answers are always “in the wrong form” or off by one.

It’s aggravating because I can’t fail this class because it’s college. I can’t afford to pay for it again. 

And to make matters worse I have a test today that I have to get atleast an 85 on. 

So far my highest score on the practice test is 66.7%, 

I literally just want to throw my iPad across the room.

Why is math so complicated some people don’t have minds that can think that way. 

If math was a person I would just punch them in the face.

Pray for me y’all. 


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