Job Interview #2

Okay guys I’m currently in the waiting room to get an interview for another job. 

The couch that I’m sitting on is really itchy and scratchy so I hope they hurry up and call me back. 

I woke up today sneezing constantly and I’m feeling pretty EH. So I’m just hoping I don’t sneeze on whoever is interviewing me. That would honestly be my luck.

The other person in here just stood outside of the door of this place screaming cuss words at her phone. Like wow that’s a great thing to do before you try and get a job. 

So atleast I didn’t do that. 

And two girls just walked in and sat next to me and they’re with a guy. And they’re super obnoxious. They’re being so loud and immature like this is an employment office. ACT LIKE AN ADULT.

And I actually know one of them from somewhere so that’s really awkward

The thing is with job interviews it’s not who has the best personality, it’s who puts on the best act and has the best availability

So I can’t really judge but these girls immaturity will come out eventually and these employers will see it.

I really need this job. Like being jobless makes me feeel like a lump of crap. 

Honestly I’m not nervous at all.

It’s just my face right now looks terrible and my RBF is at full swing today so it’s obvious I feel like shit.

I put an effort in my look today though so hopefully they notice that. 

It’s my birthday week and honestly it’s been terrible so far so I’m hoping that something goes right for me. Like this job.

I don’t know.

Guys wish me luck xx


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