What it’s like being a hypochondriac 

What is a hypochondriac you ask?

It’s one of the worst things I struggle with on a daily basis. So this is basically what it’s like.

Yes I’m sure everyone has those moments where they feel a weird pain and they google it and WebMD says that they’re probably dying. 

But imagine thinking that EVERY single day. 

I have severe asthma and allergies. I am constantly struggling to breathe and it’s a pain in the ass.

I have been to SO MANY doctors. SO MANY. And it doesn’t matter how much I go I believe there is something worse than what they are finding. So here’s an example of this. 

The other day my mom took me to urgent care because I had a boarder line sinus infection and I was coughing terribly and no medicine worked. NOTHING.

Doctor: Your lungs sound fine, I don’t hear weezing. Your oxygen levels are perfect. 

Me: Then why am I having trouble breathing?

Doctor: Your breathing may be irritated by what ever is triggering your allergy. But I promise you your breathing is fine. 

Doctor: If your oxygen was lower I would send you to the ER. And if it gets worse I would suggest going to  the ER. 


Me: okay.

Doctor: Just take this medicine and rest and you should be fine.

And anytime there is a small glitch in my breathing or my body. I freak the fuck out. And I give myself anxiety which makes whatever I’m dealing with worse.

I know I drive my mom crazy because I’m constantly asking what’s wrong with me. When there actually isn’t anything wrong.

And reading this you’re probably like: “Can’t you just belive the doctor? They’re trained professionals. They know what they’re talking about.”

I do believe the doctors. But I just feel like they are missing something. It’s really hard to not think of the worst possible conclusion when it comes to my health. 

I have been around people that have been extremely ill. And that triggered me to become a hypochondriac. 

I was never a hypochondriac until about 3-4 years ago. 

This shows how much traumatic events can change you. 

And people belive that you need to just “get over it” or “move on” and maybe you do. But it effects your brain. 

Since people can’t see your mental illness they don’t believe it’s there. But it is. 

That’s like saying “Oh I can’t see the air therefore it doesn’t exist” which makes no sense. It’s kind of the same analogy. 

I hope you learned something new from this post. 

If not you can always do more research. It’s hard to explain to someone that doesn’t have it. 


5 thoughts on “What it’s like being a hypochondriac 

  1. I have severe health anxiety as well, and have been a hypochondria my entire life (I remember panicking at 6 years old, convinced I was having a heart attack!) It’s awful – I know. Completely exhausting. Just remember you aren’t alone!

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  2. I can completely relate to this in every way possible.
    I ALWAYS think I am dying – I don’t remember a day where I haven’t felt atleast ONCE that I am dying.
    If I get a headache, I think it’s a brain tumour.
    If I get chest pain, I think it’s a heart attack.
    If I am dizzy, I think I am about to have a stroke.
    It’s crazy – it’s the most scariest thing in life to have.
    Not many people know about this bc people don’t know how to deal with people that are hypochondriacs.
    The amount of times I have heard ‘just get over it!’ is crazy! If it were that easy, I’d be over it a long time ago.
    It’s a hard things to deal with, so I completely understand where you are coming from.
    I have been for so many scans bc I think theres something wrong with the machines/scans & that the doctors are missing something.

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    1. YES exactly! I’m glad it’s not just me. I constantly question the doctors because I feel like there’s something they aren’t telling me. And yeah a lot of people don’t get it and get annoyed with me when I freak out about something. So I relate to you xx

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