Love Yourself Tag

Got this from: Sophie Harris love her blog! Check it out!

1. What’s your favourite thing about yourself? (That can be physically or mentally)

That I have a weird sense of humor and can usually make people laugh. And if no one laughs, I make myself laugh. I also have a very old soul and I love that about myself.

2. When do you feel your most confident?

When I’m wearing a bomb ass outfit that I have never worn before and it just looks so good put together. Or when my photography gets noticed, that makes me happy. 

3. What advice would you give to someone who wasn’t having a good day?

Don’t be afraid to get up and do something. I go through days that are so bad that I physically cannot get myself up. But the days that I go out and take pictures, visit with some family or do something I love. I feel much better. 

4. What’s your favourite self care method to undergo when you’re feeling down/stressed?

Listen to music. Or rant my feelings out in a journal or make a funny post about it on my blog. It feels so much better to let it out than keep it inside.

 “Better out than in I always say.” -Shrek (lol)

5. What does self love mean to you?

Actually feeling as if you have a place in the world. And knowing you have a meaning even if you haven’t found it yet. Also allowing yourself to be happy because you know you deserve to. And not to let anyone’s opinions change your view of yourself. 

I tag anyone who is reading this to do this tag! I feel low key better about myself after filling this out wow. A weight just lifted off of my shoulders. 



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