I need to vent

No no not that kind of vent.🙄

I need to rant like really bad because my life is sucking major ass right now. 

  • First off all I’m currently jobless. If you want to hear that story check out my last post for details. So I was basically replaced by new people and when I came back from vacation there was no room on the schedule for me. So I left, still pissed about that.
  •  I applied for a job at a clothing store that I LOOOOVEEE. Got an interview and never heard back. I thought I did amazing in my interview, I was 100% myself and they seemed to like me a lot. LOL I GUESS I WAS WRONG. So still on the job hunt that is going, NO WHERE. 
  • My friend that knows more about me than anyone else quit talking to me for no reason. Now I have like two friends that are always busy and I can’t really hang out with. One lives kinda far and like I said the other one is busy. These two people dmed me saying they wanted to talk more then they quit talking to me. AM I THAT HORRIBLE TO TALK TO?!?!?! So in a way, I’m losing friends like I’m losing tears. Which means a lot. And it sucks, and finding new people to talk to isn’t easy either.
  • I have a love interest known as “Meant to be Guy”. Saw him the other day got too nervous to talk to him and I’m pretty sure he went back to college. Who knows if I’ll see him again that was probably just his summer job. I blew my chance when he obviously had his eyes all over me. He is adorable and has the sweetest personality I’ve seen in a guy in a while. He’s kinda awkward too and everytime I see him he blushes. We could’ve been best friends or even dated IF I WASNT SUCH A FUCKING AWKWARD CHICKEN. 
  • Idk what to do with my life. I’m seeing all of my friends going to these nice colleges that are hella $$$$. And I would rather not be paying off college the rest of my life. But then it’s also hard to do what I want to do at a small college and what I want to do may not make much money. Therefore, I have to have a backup plan which I don’t mind but I just want to do my main thing. If you were wondering:

Dream Job: Photojournalist
Backup plan: Veternary        Assistant

 So I still have to be realistic and follow my dreams. THE STRUGGLE OF ADULTING.

 Overall, im just not happy with myself right now. I feel like a piece of trash, because I’m not making money. No one likes me for some reason, nothing is going well. And I’m just confused and depressed and I just feel like I’m in a revolving door of shit and it’s just a mess. 

I feel like crap because I’m stuck not being able to do anything until I get a job. So until then I’m going to be working on my YouTube channel and my photography until I can actually get a job. Woo. And hopefully I’ll run into meant to be Guy soon, and make some new friends.

Who knows.

Sorry about the rant I needed to do that. And I will see you guys soon with a more entertaining blog post xx


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