It Happened Again

It’s always just when you think everything is fine reality punches you in the face.

I just got back from vacation and it was good to be back but I just knew my whole job situation would be a mess. I came home to being told I can’t work this week because they didn’t know I was coming back. Like what???? I literally told them when I was coming back and that I could work that week. They also said I should’ve called the day I came back which was like a day or two before I called which would make no difference. 

It’s like they could care less if I came back, I haven’t worked in over a month and frankly it’s kind of illegal if they don’t put me back on the schedule. The only reason I’m staying at this job is so I can help out my family and pay off my own little things. And that way I can buy things I want without asking for money, which is something I hate doing.  

I have been at this job for almost a year and the fact that they suddenly care less about my existence is messed up. 

I seriously can’t wait to go through college and get the job of my dreams. 

Wish me luck on this messed up journey.🙄✨


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