Socially Tired

I am the most introverted person ever. I’m also extremely independent and like to be left the fuck alone. 

So when I hang out with friends or even family it’s fun at first then I get burned out. Or as I like to call it “Socially tired” 

I don’t like parties, I would much rather be sitting on the couch playing video games or listening to music. 
Music is kind of my escape from people because when I have headphones in most people leave me alone, plus I love music. 

Recently I went on vacation with my friend and her family and they are amazing people don’t get me wrong. I love them to death but in the middle of the week I started to get bitchy. REAL bitchy. I get cranky when I want to be left alone for a while but it’s hard to when you’re on vacation with 5 people and constantly doing things. My get away was sitting in the hotel room on my bed watching YouTube videos. And everyone would leave me alone.

I’m just used to living with like barley 2 people, so being stuck with all of these people for this many days is new to me. 

I’m so happy to go home and have my own bed but the funny thing is the day I come home I have to go to a party after a LONG ASS road trip. Fun🤙🏼 

After the party I will be spending a few days in bed playing sims and enjoying some alone time. Then it’s back to hell I mean work.. great🙄 I spent way too much money in myrtle beach so I need to replenish it.. oops. But all together I did have fun though, I love going to new places😋


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