My Take on Relationships 

Yes this is another shitty post about relationships. I have lost hope in most relationships, and love in general. I have only been in one relationship my whole life, it was wonderful until the end when he completely changed. 

I have always had trust issues, and having someone I trusted with everything just turn on me doesn’t help. 

Also I have found some interests in guys that love photography or love bands and music. But they always seem to find interests in other people.
 I’m really picky when it comes to guys, I won’t settle for less than what I need. And when I find that and the person doesn’t like me in return it’s another long ass journey to find another. And my friends accuse my “pickiness” as the culprit of why I haven’t found a guy. It’s good to be picky, I have enough problems in my life and I don’t need some bimbo making it worse. 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard: 

“Well you have to give this guy a chance”

“If you weren’t so picky you could find a guy”

“Maybe if you lowered your standards..”

While I’m just like⬇️

A lot of my friends just date people for attention, and that is something I’m sooooo against. Two of my friends HATED their current boyfriends, but now because they are getting attention they’re all for them. While I’m sitting in the corner waiting for their relationship to crumble, because I just know it’s going to happen. 

I’m not the kind of person that wants to date for fun, I want to find someone that I could see myself with for a while. I’m so sensitive that I couldn’t date on and off because my feelings wouldn’t allow it. 

It is really frustrating when all of your friends are hanging out with their guys and you are just a loner sitting on your couch playing video games. I just have to tell myself that my guy is out there and I WILL find him. 

I don’t necessarily not “believe in love”, but I think it’s very rare that relationships last and people are perfect for eachother. And when it does happen it’s beautiful, but being around shitty relationships in my life I’m determined to find the guy who treats me like I deserve. 

So yeah that’s my take on relationships, this post wasn’t too interesting but it was something I wanted to share, that’s all. 


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