So a few days ago I went to a music festival called “Warped Tour” and it’s known for its screamo / rock music. I went with two of my pals and it was HOT AS HELL outside. We went inside and looked at the times the different bands were playing. And of course my favorite band Neck Deep played LAST.  WHICH WAS 7 HOURS FROM THEN. I was like shit, and we weren’t fans of most of the bands until about 5. So we walked around and sweated our asses off. I wanted to walk by ND’s tent and we casually walked by and I saw Matt from the band and I almost shit my pants literally. My body was shaking, I walked up to him and talked about the tour and stuff and he was talking about how he regretted wearing sweatpants in almost 90 degree weather. Then we took a picture together and my day was made. 

Later on that day I saw him again and I got him to sign my ticket, and then one of the other members were there too and I didn’t realize it was him. And plus he was busy selling merchant, I kind of blanked out and forget it was him. FML. 

Then I convinced my friends mom to let me stay until 8 and see them play and I got extremely close. I was about to punch someone from blowing weed in my face. I’ve never seen so much marijuana in my life than at warped tour, it was gross. 

But it was worth it because I saw my favorite people. Concerts are honestly where I am the happiest.❤️


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