How to Stop Stressing?

 I literally just got back from vacation and I was thrown into anxiety. Like I went to a concert and the next day I had a full blown anxiety attack, and my chest felt tight the whole day. Now it’s the day after and I’m still having anxiety. Work is stressing me out, they know I was supposed to come back but they never put me on the schedule🙄. Like I need my hours, and who knows when the hell I’ll go back.. Then other personal stuff and my body is so exhausted I don’t even know what to do with myself. 

SO here are some things that help me when I’m stressed (sometimes) and obviously they aren’t helping me at the moment, but maybe they’ll help you.

  • Color (whether it’s an app or an actual coloring book. 
  • Watch funny YouTube videos (funny animals, youtubers, bloopers etc)
  • Watch a funny tv show on Netflix (Young and Hungry and Baby Daddy are hilarious when I’m sad)
  • Find a new movie to watch that you’ve never seen, get a snack and chill.
  • Meditate (sometimes it works)
  • Write your feelings out (whether it’s in a blog like me or on actual paper)
  • Play your favorite game (in my case that’s the sims)
  • Talk to a friend (usually I like to be left alone when I’m stressed but it’s a suggestion.)
  • Take a nap (this one helps a lot) 
  • Cook something 
  • Listen to your favorite music 
  • Clean or organize stuff 

If any of this helps you , I’m happy if you know something that would help me please let me know because my stress is stressing me out! 


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