S’mores Panini?

Soooooooo hey friends. I did some touristy things a few days ago. I also got a huge sinus infection so that hasn’t been fun (yikes). 

So first we are going to start out with the cutest little icecream/ sandwich shop. 

They had s’mores paninis!!! I didn’t know that existed, they heated up the sweet soft bread and put icecream and graham crackers and marshmallow. It was SOOOO good and it surprisingly took a while before it melted. I want moreeee.⬇️

Then we continued on our way down the yellow brick road. JKKKK. If you love the wizard of oz though you’re my favorite.

Here’s me trying to be tumblr. Lol what a loser.

Pretty buildings. 

Then a few days later. We went on a boar ride and saw DOLPHINNNNSSS they are the cutest. 

And this cool boat, that looks like a pirate ship that’s haunted by probably 600 pirates. And the 6th oldest lighthouse on the East Coast (see I learned some things).

So yeah, I don’t feel good and don’t feel like writing so that’s all.


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