Blue Lipstick 

Today I realized how terrible this world is. I have tons of blue lipstick and I never know when to wear it. So I broke it out and decided to wear it to work. 

I work in fast food and I didn’t think it was a huge deal. I walked into work and everyone was like “omg I love the color”. And I felt great. Then my assistant manager pulled me aside and said scrub it off. I was like “why?” And she said she was told to tell me that it wasn’t “natural.” by my new general manager. He couldn’t even tell me he had to tell my manager to tell me. I didn’t scrub it off I just left it. 

I never knew lipstick could distract someone, or cause me to look less professional. I do my job, I clean, deal with customers what else do you want from me? People would much rather have people stand out then see everyone looking the same. 

I wanted to be different, but this resulted in me breaking down at the end of the night. The new manager made me feel like I wasn’t good enough even though I was on my hands and knees scrubbing floors and tables for hours. It’s funny how he’s the only one who didn’t like it. Everyone else complimented me, even the customers. And those customers will probably remember me because I stood out. This world is too damn bland, we need people to stand out and make a difference. 

This world makes everyone feel like the need to be the same, fuck that. I should go to work tomorrow with neon green lipstick and see how he feels about that. Yes go ahead and fire me over  lipstick. 


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