An example 

So today, I woke up thinking basically nothing. I got out of bed and took my medicine. I’m currently dog sitting so I let them out before I did anything else. I came back in and felt sick as ever, I walked myself to the bathroom and stayed in there until I tried to get up and I got extreme cold sweats. And I started seeing major black spots then I fell to the ground.

And me being a hypochondriac I was like “omg do I have the flu what is happening?!?!?!” And I stared freaking the fuck out. So you know when you pass out your muscles relax so I was kind of stuck on the floor until that ended. I called my mom and she told me I needed water ASAP, and even if I had to crawl there I had to get it. So I got water and basically slept the rest of the day.

Now judging from that part of my day I thought wow it’s been a pretty shitty day. 

Then later near night time, I got an urge to go night swimming. So I put on my bathing suit and went outside and then there was a beautiful sunset. I love sunsets so I took a billion pictures before I actually just stopped and admired it. 

As it got darker there were fire works in the distance and it was very entertaining to watch. Until someone next door had a small firework show I had a front row seat. It was really relaxing to swim and watch the fireworks, I felt myself forget about my problems and focus on the beauty of the fireworks. 

And that shows how even if your day starts out bad (like passing out randomly) that your night could be nicer or vice versa.  

And even though I got attacked by 53839943 mosquitos it was still worth it. 🙂


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