Watch this^ if you don’t feel like reading the post, and for more stories. 

So I deal with tons of people everyday that get on my nerves at work. I do have some customers that make me laugh or I make them laugh. Then there’s a whole breed of customers called the assholes


The other day my manager and I were minding our own business. And this man comes up and I take his order , he was nice and everything but then he cracked. So here’s the convo.

Me: Okay your sandwich is going to take a bit longer to cook because the meat is different than the other sandwiches. 

Impatient ass: ok

And we continue to hand out orders then all of the sudden

Impatient ass: I watched you hand out 5 people sandwiches with the same meat!

Me: it’s different it cooks longer 

Him: &@$!?

Impatient ass: Why are you handing out everyone’s food but mine?!?!

We finally give him his DAMN FOOD. And finally peace and quiet and birds chirping and then all of the sudden lighting comes out of no where and impatient ass makes a return. 

Impatient ass: *slides/ throws fries across the counter* make me new ones these are cold.

My manager didn’t respond but just gave him his fries back when in reality we both wanted to come across the table and jump his ass. 

And that’s basically the end of the story I hope he gets some damn karma. 

If you have any customer service stories share them with me! And let me know if you would like more!


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