Meant to be? 

So I was at work today minding my own damn business when my manager was like ” YOU HAVE A CUSTOMER ON FRONT LINE” and I was like “can she do it?” As I pointed to a co-worker. And she was like “Get your ass on the register.” So I was like fine whatever dude, I walked to my register and literally stopped in my tracks. This really hot guy I had seen earlier at a store came inside and was looking at me and in that moment I lowkey died. 

He was struggling to pick something to order so here’s our convo

Him: I don’t know what I want 

Me: I know it’s a lot to choose from

Him: Yeah, I can never make decisions 

Me: Me either! I’m that one thing..

Him: Yeah that one thing 

*we laugh*

Him: *orders*

Me 5 minutes later: Indecisive that’s the word!

Him: yes that thing! 

Me: I saw you earlier in *insert where he works here* 

Him: oh really? We could of traded 


But he was B L U S H I N G while talking to me and me being all into him I forgot his name and he had a FUCKING NAME TAG ON. Later I remembered his name and I hated myself that I didn’t ask for his number but it wasn’t the right time. I tried to go sweep the lobby so I could ask but I kept getting customers. So that’s just my luck pretty much.

So if it’s meant to be it it will be. 


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