We’re off to See the Wizard

Jk. I wish tho.

So yesterday we had an 8 hour car ride. That’s right. 8 HOURS. Yes I am a lazy ass but I can only be lazy for so long. Plus it was gross outside and rained on and off. 

We had to get up at 5:30am so I was tired as hell but I cant sleep in cars so that didn’t end well. 

Once we got here it was beautiful, I missed the palm trees and the feeling of belonging of SC. 


So here comes more beach days and more days of me getting cranky because I feel like I’m melting. But in a way I love it.😉🌴



Let’s talk about the word “sorry”
Whoever decided that saying this word will automatically fix everything and alleviate the tension is insane
Sorry is like a bandaid, it may cover the wound, but the wound is still there.

 Lately I have noticed how I have a lot of negative people in my life. And I have really noticed who they really are. 

One of them treated me amazingly and then just turned into a monster, this was a while ago and they just waited until now to say, SORRY.

Yes like a word is going to take back all of the times I sat curled up crying, and wondering what I did wrong when it wasn’t me the whole time. 

I have many people like this in my life and today I had to make a hard decision, my best friend turned on me and said some things to me that were BEYOND hurtful. I had to take myself from the situation before it got worse, I am staying away before she can blast that sorry word to me to try and make me be okay with this. 

Saying things like that to someone you care about is never okay, and you cannot expect someone to come back from that. 

Things like this make it hard for me to make friends because it seems like the ones I let in the most, end up being the worst people I have ever met in my life. 

If you have done something cruel to me saying this word will not make me forgive you, you actually have to fix your actions not say a word to me to try and fix it.


Lately I have realized how different I am from 95% of my friends.

I hung out with some people this week that I haven’t seen in a while it was like a reunion it was nice and all. 

Until they started telling stories about drinking and partying and that’s not something I’m okay with. And how much they agree with people doing it and all of this stuff. It made me realize why I have drifted from them. 

Then another one of my friends is letting a guy control her life, she gave him the passwords to her social media and now he keeps talking to me and some of my other friends. And she’s OK with it.

Then another friend is dating specially for attention, she didn’t like the guy at first but is talking to him now for the sole reason that she doesn’t have anyone else. 

I am sooooooo tired of people doing all of these things I don’t agree with. Especially when I hang out with them and all they care about is smoking, drinking, drama and their boyfriends. And trying to convince them of their wrongdoings is completely impossible. 

I feel so alone in the fact that I don’t do all of those things nor do I want to, I wish it wasn’t so hard to make friends that are like me. 

I have a few friends that I am similar to and I’m going to work harder to get closer to them. They are much more mature and actually care about their well being and will not let anyone control them. 

It’s just sad how 95% of my generation are like this, and it is so complicated to dig and find those few that are mature and care about more important things in life. 


I never knew that working in fast food would be such a pain in the ass.  We literally have maybe 10 employees and the manager can’t get the scheduling correctly. 

Me: *calls* 

Big manager: Hello?

Me: Hi, when am I supposed to come back in from work I’ve been back from vacation. 

Big Manager: I thought you were still on vacation?

Me in my head: lItErAlLy WhAt tHe fUcK. I requested off a MONTH in advance. You’re blind as hell get your eyes checked there’s a huge note on YOUR desk that says the days I’m off. If you came read my giant ass handwriting I suggest you go get an eye exam. I’m no eye doctor but I see some surgery in your future. 

Me: no 

Big manager: I’ll make the schedule, call me back in a half an hour. 

Me: okay thanks bye.

*30 minutes later*

Me: It’s me again

Big Manager: Oh sorry sweetie I haven’t even started the schedule call me back in an hour.

Me: okay

* an hour later*

Me: Me again

Him: I haven’t had a chance to work on it, call me around 5-5:30. Okay?


Me: Alright.

*Around 5*

Me: Do you have the schedule?

Him: Just finished the Manager schedule, haven’t made it yet. How about I call you when it’s done?

Me in my head: Wow about time he has a bright idea. 

Me: *gives him number.*

*The next day, still no call*

Me: Hey is “Big Manager” there?”

Lil manager 1: No he’s off today.


Me: okay nevermind. 

*calls today even though I feel like actual shit and I’m in pain*

Me: Is the schedule up?

lil manager 2: Yes, you work *insert days here*.

Me: I literally requested OFF those days. 

lil manager 2: Well when are you actually here?

Me in my head: The note on the desk, the big ass note on. the. desk. READ IT.

Me: anytime before *insert date here*

Lil manager 2: Let me talk to big manager I’ll call you back. 

Me: okay, okay bye.

Me in my head: now we are just starting from the beginning, I need a new job so bad it’s not even a joke. If my managers learned how to read maybe this wouldn’t be on issue. 

Also me: I need to rant on my blog. 

I deserve to have a damn vacation I work my ass off, dealing with bitchy customers and busting my ass to get everything done. I even have a huge burn mark on my arm, from trying to rush and give people their stupid fries. 

What sucks though is that’s the only job I can get currently, everything else is taken or too far away. I can’t wait until I get the degree I want in college and can get a job I actually can enjoy. 

I always seem to get the short end of the stick, every other employee gets their days normally with no issue but they’re always putting me on days that I am not allowed to work on or days that I have to take off. I am so close to quitting, but I don’t want to be like someone in my life that constantly quits jobs. But this has been going on for too long and I’m so over it. 

And it’s not even just the managers that piss me off , the customers don’t help. If you would like to hear about some funny customer stories check out this post

My Take on Relationships 

Yes this is another shitty post about relationships. I have lost hope in most relationships, and love in general. I have only been in one relationship my whole life, it was wonderful until the end when he completely changed. 

I have always had trust issues, and having someone I trusted with everything just turn on me doesn’t help. 

Also I have found some interests in guys that love photography or love bands and music. But they always seem to find interests in other people.
 I’m really picky when it comes to guys, I won’t settle for less than what I need. And when I find that and the person doesn’t like me in return it’s another long ass journey to find another. And my friends accuse my “pickiness” as the culprit of why I haven’t found a guy. It’s good to be picky, I have enough problems in my life and I don’t need some bimbo making it worse. 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard: 

“Well you have to give this guy a chance”

“If you weren’t so picky you could find a guy”

“Maybe if you lowered your standards..”

While I’m just like⬇️

A lot of my friends just date people for attention, and that is something I’m sooooo against. Two of my friends HATED their current boyfriends, but now because they are getting attention they’re all for them. While I’m sitting in the corner waiting for their relationship to crumble, because I just know it’s going to happen. 

I’m not the kind of person that wants to date for fun, I want to find someone that I could see myself with for a while. I’m so sensitive that I couldn’t date on and off because my feelings wouldn’t allow it. 

It is really frustrating when all of your friends are hanging out with their guys and you are just a loner sitting on your couch playing video games. I just have to tell myself that my guy is out there and I WILL find him. 

I don’t necessarily not “believe in love”, but I think it’s very rare that relationships last and people are perfect for eachother. And when it does happen it’s beautiful, but being around shitty relationships in my life I’m determined to find the guy who treats me like I deserve. 

So yeah that’s my take on relationships, this post wasn’t too interesting but it was something I wanted to share, that’s all. 


So a few days ago I went to a music festival called “Warped Tour” and it’s known for its screamo / rock music. I went with two of my pals and it was HOT AS HELL outside. We went inside and looked at the times the different bands were playing. And of course my favorite band Neck Deep played LAST.  WHICH WAS 7 HOURS FROM THEN. I was like shit, and we weren’t fans of most of the bands until about 5. So we walked around and sweated our asses off. I wanted to walk by ND’s tent and we casually walked by and I saw Matt from the band and I almost shit my pants literally. My body was shaking, I walked up to him and talked about the tour and stuff and he was talking about how he regretted wearing sweatpants in almost 90 degree weather. Then we took a picture together and my day was made. 

Later on that day I saw him again and I got him to sign my ticket, and then one of the other members were there too and I didn’t realize it was him. And plus he was busy selling merchant, I kind of blanked out and forget it was him. FML. 

Then I convinced my friends mom to let me stay until 8 and see them play and I got extremely close. I was about to punch someone from blowing weed in my face. I’ve never seen so much marijuana in my life than at warped tour, it was gross. 

But it was worth it because I saw my favorite people. Concerts are honestly where I am the happiest.❤️

How to Stop Stressing?

 I literally just got back from vacation and I was thrown into anxiety. Like I went to a concert and the next day I had a full blown anxiety attack, and my chest felt tight the whole day. Now it’s the day after and I’m still having anxiety. Work is stressing me out, they know I was supposed to come back but they never put me on the schedule🙄. Like I need my hours, and who knows when the hell I’ll go back.. Then other personal stuff and my body is so exhausted I don’t even know what to do with myself. 

SO here are some things that help me when I’m stressed (sometimes) and obviously they aren’t helping me at the moment, but maybe they’ll help you.

  • Color (whether it’s an app or an actual coloring book. 
  • Watch funny YouTube videos (funny animals, youtubers, bloopers etc)
  • Watch a funny tv show on Netflix (Young and Hungry and Baby Daddy are hilarious when I’m sad)
  • Find a new movie to watch that you’ve never seen, get a snack and chill.
  • Meditate (sometimes it works)
  • Write your feelings out (whether it’s in a blog like me or on actual paper)
  • Play your favorite game (in my case that’s the sims)
  • Talk to a friend (usually I like to be left alone when I’m stressed but it’s a suggestion.)
  • Take a nap (this one helps a lot) 
  • Cook something 
  • Listen to your favorite music 
  • Clean or organize stuff 

If any of this helps you , I’m happy if you know something that would help me please let me know because my stress is stressing me out!