Things I am enjoying this summer!! 

1. Crazy sunglasses 


2. Jean shorts with cute rips 


Hats add so much to an outfit I probably have too many hats honestly… just a lil’ collection. 

Peace hat

LA Hat


I just learned how to braid like this and Dutch braid, (go me wooo) but it adds so much to even a simple t-shirt and shorts it looks like you made effort even when you’re the slightest bit lazy. (Or a lot lazy like me). Use Pinterest or YouTube for tutorials😉


Life waters are so cute and they all look different with art work and it encourages me to drink water (since I barley drink enough water.. yikes.). 


Spotify premium is currently only 99 cents a month until September. So get on that shit , I use it every day to play while I’m getting ready or whatever. I listen to music more than I watch tv so. And check out some of my playlists if you want to,

🤙🏼 I have a giant playlist of songs everyone knows here

💡I have my lit playlist which just gets me energized and wanting to dance or just be weird I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️

🤘🏼My punk playlist if you like pop punk/ alternative music 

🎬And of course my favorite songs from movies and shows  because I am a child. (this playlist isn’t done but if you have suggestions to add let me know.) 

7. A blog (aka this one) and possibly starting up my YouTube channel to keep me from boredom. I have a YouTube that I use occasionally and if you want to watch my horrible videos click here

8. Cottancandy icecream. That’s all I have to say. Try it it’s the best thing on the planet. TRUST ME. 

If I find any more essentials I’ll make a part 2😉 if you have any essentials please share them with me so we can be essential buddies??… that didn’t make sense but yeah that’s all for this post leave a comment if you’re cool. 🤙🏼


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