Work Buddies

People have been drifting away like this flower in a pool. After high school everyone spreads out into where they belong. And you lose a lot of friends to say the least. But also having a job and meeting people that don’t go to your school or people you would never meet if you didn’t work with them. I have a few people I have been working with since I started and for months. They are both leaving and getting new jobs. It really hurts because they made work fun for me and a lot of the people I work with aren’t my age and I can’t really talk to them about everything. It really sucks, but they will move on to better things and I know we won’t really keep in touch and that also sucks. It’s life I guess, I just wish that besides my family there were more consisitant people in my life. I feel like every time I turn around people are leaving, or have found better people to hang out with. It’s just always a cycle I will have to get used to. 


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