A little more about me 

Now on this website I would like to keep most of my identity on the down low just because it’s better that way but I will reveal a few general things.

1. I LOVEEEEEE music, I love all types of music but my all time favorite bands are 5 Seconds of Summer and Neck Deep.

2. I am out of high school now.

3. I love photography (obviously) and I have taken a photography elective two years in high school. 

4. I also love writing and ever since I was little I always wrote stories and loved telling stories. And I used to write stories on Wattpad and I stopped and now I’m starting up a new story soon, but I’m a little rusty. 

5. My favorite things to wear are stripes and anything black to be honest. And converse.. I love me some converse.

6. Mental health is a sensative subject for me because it’s something I struggle with so people making fun of it isn’t okay. I will like go after them.

7. I love chocolate.

8. I rant a lot I guess that’s my hobby since I don’t do well with anything athletic lol

9. I love dance, I used to be in dance when I was younger but it became too much money so I stopped. But I still watch every dance show there is, and I started stretching so I can practice and maybe start trying again. 


11. I play the sims a lot #nerd



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