Life right now is a roller coaster. Between work, social life, plus college coming up, money, liscense. It’s just an absolute catastrophe. I have a job and my managers drive me nuts, they constantly want me to be at work when I have things to do. I have appointments and stuff I have to go to like I can’t be there 24/7! Plus I have to be driven to work because I don’t have a car. I was not one of those kids that had a car HANDED to them when they got their license. I have to buy my own car, which takes forever. Plus on top of that I borrowed my dads car to take the driving test and I FAILED. And my dad doesn’t have the car at the moment so I have to retake my learners test before it expires. *SIGH*  Then college is just a whole different post. 

Moral of the story, life is hard and gets harder I just haven’t learned to cope with it yet. 


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