Even being out of school people seem to never change. All of the “populars” continue to party and think they’re cool by posting pictures of them posing with giant vodka bottles. People still act like they’re 12, and lie and cheat and everything. People really never grow up. I have had to grow up ever since I was a tiny lil’ thing. I was privileged with family that loved me, we weren’t the most privileged financially but it was okay. I learned at a young age how to save money and learned to be happy with what I have. Now people complain that their parents got them the wrong iPhone 7 color, when I had to save up for years to get my little iPhone. People never really understand how to handle life, it’s not all about partying and having fun. You have to grow up to survive in this world, you can have fun but you have to know the right time to.


Life right now is a roller coaster. Between work, social life, plus college coming up, money, liscense. It’s just an absolute catastrophe. I have a job and my managers drive me nuts, they constantly want me to be at work when I have things to do. I have appointments and stuff I have to go to like I can’t be there 24/7! Plus I have to be driven to work because I don’t have a car. I was not one of those kids that had a car HANDED to them when they got their license. I have to buy my own car, which takes forever. Plus on top of that I borrowed my dads car to take the driving test and I FAILED. And my dad doesn’t have the car at the moment so I have to retake my learners test before it expires. *SIGH*  Then college is just a whole different post. 

Moral of the story, life is hard and gets harder I just haven’t learned to cope with it yet.