Things I am enjoying this summer!! 

1. Crazy sunglasses 


2. Jean shorts with cute rips 


Hats add so much to an outfit I probably have too many hats honestly… just a lil’ collection. 

Peace hat

LA Hat


I just learned how to braid like this and Dutch braid, (go me wooo) but it adds so much to even a simple t-shirt and shorts it looks like you made effort even when you’re the slightest bit lazy. (Or a lot lazy like me). Use Pinterest or YouTube for tutorials😉


Life waters are so cute and they all look different with art work and it encourages me to drink water (since I barley drink enough water.. yikes.). 


Spotify premium is currently only 99 cents a month until September. So get on that shit , I use it every day to play while I’m getting ready or whatever. I listen to music more than I watch tv so. And check out some of my playlists if you want to,

🤙🏼 I have a giant playlist of songs everyone knows here

💡I have my lit playlist which just gets me energized and wanting to dance or just be weird I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️

🤘🏼My punk playlist if you like pop punk/ alternative music 

🎬And of course my favorite songs from movies and shows  because I am a child. (this playlist isn’t done but if you have suggestions to add let me know.) 

7. A blog (aka this one) and possibly starting up my YouTube channel to keep me from boredom. I have a YouTube that I use occasionally and if you want to watch my horrible videos click here

8. Cottancandy icecream. That’s all I have to say. Try it it’s the best thing on the planet. TRUST ME. 

If I find any more essentials I’ll make a part 2😉 if you have any essentials please share them with me so we can be essential buddies??… that didn’t make sense but yeah that’s all for this post leave a comment if you’re cool. 🤙🏼


Little things in life

Here’s me taking a picture of sunsets because sunsets are A M A Z I N G. It’s the little things in life you need to be happy. Struggling with depression it is always hard to find something that makes me happy. And for anyone on those dark days everything seems basically terrible. But small things like the beauty of sunsets or a favorite move. (Mine is the Grinch)

Or a pet that comes and loves you that makes your day. 

Even talking it out with friends sometimes helps or seeing something funny online. 

Whatever it is don’t say it’s dumb! If it makes you feel better then do it. Watching sunsets with friends while making stupid inside jokes always helps me, but everyone’s different. Also talking to my closest family members is nice as well. 

What is something little in life that makes you happy on those down days? 

Work Buddies

People have been drifting away like this flower in a pool. After high school everyone spreads out into where they belong. And you lose a lot of friends to say the least. But also having a job and meeting people that don’t go to your school or people you would never meet if you didn’t work with them. I have a few people I have been working with since I started and for months. They are both leaving and getting new jobs. It really hurts because they made work fun for me and a lot of the people I work with aren’t my age and I can’t really talk to them about everything. It really sucks, but they will move on to better things and I know we won’t really keep in touch and that also sucks. It’s life I guess, I just wish that besides my family there were more consisitant people in my life. I feel like every time I turn around people are leaving, or have found better people to hang out with. It’s just always a cycle I will have to get used to. 

A little more about me 

Now on this website I would like to keep most of my identity on the down low just because it’s better that way but I will reveal a few general things.

1. I LOVEEEEEE music, I love all types of music but my all time favorite bands are 5 Seconds of Summer and Neck Deep.

2. I am out of high school now.

3. I love photography (obviously) and I have taken a photography elective two years in high school. 

4. I also love writing and ever since I was little I always wrote stories and loved telling stories. And I used to write stories on Wattpad and I stopped and now I’m starting up a new story soon, but I’m a little rusty. 

5. My favorite things to wear are stripes and anything black to be honest. And converse.. I love me some converse.

6. Mental health is a sensative subject for me because it’s something I struggle with so people making fun of it isn’t okay. I will like go after them.

7. I love chocolate.

8. I rant a lot I guess that’s my hobby since I don’t do well with anything athletic lol

9. I love dance, I used to be in dance when I was younger but it became too much money so I stopped. But I still watch every dance show there is, and I started stretching so I can practice and maybe start trying again. 


11. I play the sims a lot #nerd



Even being out of school people seem to never change. All of the “populars” continue to party and think they’re cool by posting pictures of them posing with giant vodka bottles. People still act like they’re 12, and lie and cheat and everything. People really never grow up. I have had to grow up ever since I was a tiny lil’ thing. I was privileged with family that loved me, we weren’t the most privileged financially but it was okay. I learned at a young age how to save money and learned to be happy with what I have. Now people complain that their parents got them the wrong iPhone 7 color, when I had to save up for years to get my little iPhone. People never really understand how to handle life, it’s not all about partying and having fun. You have to grow up to survive in this world, you can have fun but you have to know the right time to.


Life right now is a roller coaster. Between work, social life, plus college coming up, money, liscense. It’s just an absolute catastrophe. I have a job and my managers drive me nuts, they constantly want me to be at work when I have things to do. I have appointments and stuff I have to go to like I can’t be there 24/7! Plus I have to be driven to work because I don’t have a car. I was not one of those kids that had a car HANDED to them when they got their license. I have to buy my own car, which takes forever. Plus on top of that I borrowed my dads car to take the driving test and I FAILED. And my dad doesn’t have the car at the moment so I have to retake my learners test before it expires. *SIGH*  Then college is just a whole different post. 

Moral of the story, life is hard and gets harder I just haven’t learned to cope with it yet.