Forget something?

Having people forget about you is an awfulllll feeling. Feeling left out is an awful feeling too. I feel like lately no one reaches out to me personally and are like;

 “How are you?”

 “Are you okay?” 

And if they DO reach out to me it’s:

“Hey I’m having issues please help me with this.”

Like NOOO sorry I’m not your personal assistant I’m not here to help you with everything when you don’t even make an effort to talk to me. And when people ask about me they only seem to ask about drama I’m currently in or like the “juicy stuff”. Not how I’m personally doing. And I’ve tried to make new friends but every time I try and talk to new people they talk to me for a few days or a few hours even and just disappear. Like I know I’m not THAT bad so I don’t understand why this happens. I have maybe 2 friends that check up on me here and there other than that nope I’m the one to talk first or initiate a conversation. 

I’m not doing that anymore.. here’s some advice if people don’t make an effort to talk to you it’s not worth it. If they actually cared they would make an effort to reach out to you when they know you’re going through something or just in general. So that’s my current situation. I’m just not gonna text people or try and hang out with people that don’t reach out to me and if I end up with no friends guess what..

Oh well. 

I’m tired of being the only one trying and it’s bringing me down and I need to do stuff for myself for once. 

So if you’re having issues with friends think of how often they try and reach out to you without you reaching out first..