Rain Depression??

It has rained non stop for the past few days. UGHHHHHHHHHHH. (And this picture is from when it rained a while ago and I took this) I can’t stand rain, like yes it’s cool to look at but whatever. Sometimes it tends to trigger some depression in me. I mean I tend to be a sad person anyways but rain just makes it a little harder. Some people are like:
“Omg Rain is so calming” 

“Rain makes you want to cuddle up and watch movies.”


Rain makes me want to curl up in a ball of sadness and cry. Like it’s so gloomy outside and the rain reminds me of tears. Like the sky is crying. I don’t know, I might be weird for saying this but I can’t be the only one. Plus your clothes get all wet and you’re like sliding around like no. Don’t get me wrong, rain can be okay sometimes. 

Most of the time though I seem to suffer from rain depression, if that’s even a thing. If it isn’t a thing well I just made it a thing. On the bright side rain drops on flowers and other objects make for pretty pictures like the one I took up there.^^
So yeah rain depression, I think it’s a thing. 


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