Left Out

I went to the fair not that long ago as you see by this picture. And I got left Alone multiple times by my “friends”. I never got to ride anything I wanted to I just ended up getting lost from my friends and no one noticing. And I turned into a pack mule and ended up carrying people’s stuff. This wasn’t just that night this happens all the time. I always am the one getting left behind, no one cares about me or what I want. It’s been this way my whole life with friend groups, I’m always the one that gets no say. I actually lost my voice that night of the fair yelling over everyone trying to get my voice to be heard. It should not be like this, when I’m older I hope my  voice will be heard. And I hope all of these people not caring about my existence think;

“Wow I wish I was nicer to her.”

It’s just sad because when your own friends leave you out to be with other friends. Or they act different around other groups of people to show off. I never change myself to fit with other people. It really shows the maturity level. I feel like I’m always better off when I’m alone with my music. That way there’s no way for me to be left out.


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