Brain vs Heart

Why do we go back to people who hurt us? I would love to know the answer to this question. There’s probably some scientific reason and if there is I’m too lazy to look it up. It just makes no sense. And by the way I mean MENTALLY hurt not PHYSICALLY hurt. I have had people that have and still treat me horribly but something inside is like “No don’t let them go! You need them.” When deep down I know I’m better off without them. I have someone in my life that has hurt me MANY times and there’s something that tells me not to get rid of them. I’m so sensitive and getting rid of people is not something I want to deal with, I just can’t. Everyone around me constantly tell me the same things like;
 “They need to go!” 

“You don’t need that negativity in your life!” 

“Why do you deal with them?”

And I honestly have no answer for them. And I don’t want to listen to them when I know it’s what I need to do! I’m too nice and is difficult for me to get rid of people. Especially people I have known someone for a while, you know how hard it is to not talk to someone that you’ve known for like ever? My brain just constantly swirls with mixed feelings about it. I’m not ever sure what I need to do it switches on a daily. And no matter what I do I still keep talking to them and deep down hate myself for it. But there’s just something there that has hope that they will change. Also, there’s something that tells me “You need to move on.” I never know what to listen to anymore. It’s just like my brain vs my heart


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