I used a picture of a sunset because honestly sunsets calm me down. And I honestly need that right now, with people today I feel like exploding. 1. My two enimies who I will give fake names later because I’m sure I will mention them a lot. Anyways, they kept staring at me today and laughing like what do you want? Would you like an autograph? Is there an issue? Like whaaaaaaat?! They’re annoying. And then I have this friend who annoys me on a daily basis and they keep ignoring me and I’m like wow thanks….. I always help everyone and get ignored in the process. Like I’m sorry for being nice and being there for you, would you like me to be rude to you?? It makes NO sense. I need to just start being mean to people maybe that would teach some people a lesson.

But back to sunsets. I have tons of sunset pictures so expect there to be 5 million more, they are like my favorite thing ever they are BEAUTIFUL and everyone loves looking at them(unlike me). So if you keep reading my blog (which you probably won’t) you will see tons of sunsets and rants about people annoying me so there’s that. 


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