Getting a New Therapist

Ugh this convo makes me sad.

So a few weeks ago I got the news that my therapist was leaving the office that I go to and moving on to bigger and better things.

I felt as if I was losing a friend that I have developed a close relationship with.

My heart fell to my stomach.

We are just going to call him Max (not his actual name) so when I first went to therapy I was a mess. This is when I literally used to cry randomly in the middle of class. And where I used to randomly yell at people for no reason and be fine the next. I would cry every day and hate my life and my friends and I never knew what was wrong.

When I first met max I felt comfortable he had looked and had a similar attitude as one of my best guy friends. So I automatically felt no awkwardness. We dove deep into my feelings and my anxiety. After months of that he realized I needed medication.

Max helped me realize where my anxiety rooted from and how to control it, I have grown so much thanks to him and the fact that he is not there anymore feels like a piece of me is missing.

So going into meet my new therapist I just compared her to max constantly, it was like starting all over again. Like I had to repeat two years of my life to this new person. Ive been going to her for about three weeks and I’m still not that comfortable. Her style is different and I feel as if I can’t go deep into my feelings with her yet.

I hope that I get used to her.

But if you ever have to switch therapists it’s extremely hard but you have to remember there is a reason why they left and they are moving on to better things. And so will you.


Why Part 1

Do you ever wonder why things work the way they do? Or why things are called what they’re called ?

Well I’m here to help you learn some things I guess.🤷🏻‍♀️

I am constantly asking questions like why do flys poop every time they land?Why is an Adam’s apple called an Adam’s apple? Who’s Adam?

I came up with the idea to do posts of random things that I wonder and do some research to answer those questions.

I came up with this idea at 3am when I couldn’t sleep.

Idk what it’s gonna be called yet

1. Why is it called an Adam’s apple?

Apparently it has to do with the biblical story of Adam an eve where Adam ate the “forbidden fruit” which people often say is an apple. And it got stuck in his throat and created this lump that we call an Adam’s apple. Sounds simple enough.

2. Dogs and cats have periods.

That’s not a question but I literally thought only humans could have periods. Apparently if they aren’t fixed they bleed a little like a human woman would.

Who knew?


This question annoys the hell out of me daily. Like all cat breeds look the same like when I see a cat I’m not like “oh that’s a beautiful old English blah blah blah cat.” I’m like “oh that’s a cute orange and black” cat. Well according to this video, cats were not as popular back in the old days. People were frowned upon for having cats. How could they hate cats?!?!? ANYWAYS dogs were seen as more effective to do certain jobs and were bred to do different things (hence why there are tons of different breeds of dogs). And cats were not nearly as bred as dogs. So they never really evolved or whatever the word is and that’s why they look the same.

Okay that’s all that I can think of I hope you’re all mind blown🤷🏻‍♀️

Photography Tag

By: Brooke Jade

1. What’s the best photo you’ve ever taken?

Well I have a few.

2. What camera do you use?

Nikon d5300 or iPhone.

3. When did you start getting into photography?

About 3 years ago. I’ve always been creative but photography has been the one type of media that has stuck.

4. Who are your photography inspirations?

5. Any photography tips?

Don’t go and plan what you are going to take a picture of. I’ve made that mistake many times relying on an image in my head to work out exactly how I want to and it ends up turning out not as great as I want it to. Go out and shoot with an open mind and don’t plan out everything or you will miss beautiful shots.

6. Take a picture of the first thing you see when you look up from this post.

It’s 1am. What else would I be doing besides sitting in bed watching tv?

8. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for a picture?

Get near creepy crawly creatures for a photo. Or freeze my ass off in snow to get a good picture. And also laying on the ground and looking like an idiot in public to get a good shot.

I nominate all of you to do this tag!


Sorry for my hiatus.

Do people even still follow me?

*knocks on your phone screen* hELLO

Anyways. Hi. How’s it going. I need a place to vent my life again. I miss blogging. I have tried making YouTube videos again and taking pictures again. And I’m just getting more and more frustrated with my lack of inspiration.

Anyways some updates on life.

Still in college. Still working. Still have like 2 friends. Still am an idiot.

Here are some recent photos I have taken yay.

I am an actual idiot

So today was a great day I walked around went to work like everything was fine.

I went home from work ready to relax and play video games and eat because that’s all I do when I get home from work.

I was getting ready to go to bed when I realized something.

Didn’t I get paid today?





Sheer panic flew over me. I woke my mom up in horror she basically said it was my problem and went back to sleep. I don’t think she was fully awake to respond.

I ripped the whole house apart.

Couch cushions, blankets, pillows, trash cans, laundry. The money was NO WHERE TO BE FOUND.

In my moms half asleep response she did mention that I could call in the morning and get it replaced.

What if they don’t believe me.

That’s a lot of money literally down the drain especially if it blew away which is what I think had happened.

But how would I not notice literal money blowing out of my hands?


I’m having an actual anxiety attack. I probably won’t sleep.

Wow I love my life.


It’s been a while

Hey everyone you probably forgot that I existed. Life has been going, I have been working and going to college 24/7 and have had like no time to work on my blog or photography and I’m trying to get back into it. I met a guy at my job that respects me and treats me well, I haven’t talked to him in a few days so I hope all is well. I still notice myself stressing over small things like that, and worrying everyone hates me. So honestly not much has changed. But if you still follow me then cheers to you🥂

“A guy would be nice”

Okay so love is a very touchy subject for me. I have never been in love, and it’s hard for me to trust and enjoy people’s company.

I have only been in one relationship that basically went down into flames.

I’m not one of those girls that has a new boyfriend every month. I am very picky and I know what I want.

I was on my way to work today with my grandmother and I was telling her how I’m extremely bored lately.

And she said “It would be nice if you go the movies, not necessarily with a guy but with some friends. But a guy would be nice.” then she added “He will come eventually though.” 

That got to me a little bit. My mom always told me that the right guy will come and that I’m smart for not having a boyfriend. 

I have been putting so much pressure on myself trying to meet new guys and talk to them but none have made an impression on me.

And she made me almost kind of feel bad about myself because I don’t have a boyfriend and I don’t have many friends like my cousins. 

Two of my cousins go to huge colleges and are always hanging out with friends, both have had long term boyfriends. 

And I feel like I’m constantly being compared to them. 

I’m not about to hop into a relationship with some random person, I need to find the right one.

Part of me wants to just give up and let the guy come to me.

Then the other half of me wants to put myself out there and talk to people, which I have been doing but no one has really interested me.

Most guys always end up being friends because I don’t see them that way. It’s pretty aggravating.

I know it will happen eventually, but what if it doesn’t?

I’ll probably end up living in an apartment with my cat.